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2016 Driving Range Specials!!!

Senior Indoor Dome

One hour of golf, coffee and a muffin

7am - 9 am $12.50
Shared Mat $16.50
9 am - 12 pm $17.00
Shared Mat $22.00

Senior Outdoor Special

Weekdays 7am - 11am
Jumbo Basket $11.95

Early Bird Special

One hour of golf, coffee and a muffin

Saturday and Sunday
7am - 10am $20.00

Coupon Only Specials

1. One Hour for $20/per mat - All Day, Everyday!

2. Half Price Coupon! Pay for 40 Minutes and get 20 Minutes Free!
That's a savings of up to $11.00!

3. Outdoor Range Value Card! Reg. $130 Now $100!!!
Save $30.00!

4. Indoor Range Value Card! Reg. $180 Now $125!!!
Save $55.00!

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Afternoon & Late Night Specials

Two hours of golf

Monday to Friday
7am - 7pm $30.00
7pm - 11pm $35.00

Saturday and Sunday
7am- 12pm $35.00
12pm- 7pm $42.00
7pm- 11pm $25.00

First-Come, First-Served. No Reservations.
Prices subject to change without notice.